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About Us

SHRUTEX OVERSEAS offers almost a complete range of new & used textile machinery for the Cotton industry & Blanket industry - Mink, Coral & Polar blanket industry.  Furthermore we have added a number of other machines in our array of products over time, including:

1. Double Jacquard Knitting Machine for mattress

2. Raschell Knitting Machine for "Mesh fabric"

We have a team of very reliable manufacturers and suppliers mainly in Europe, Turkey, South Korea and mainland China. We have supplied our machines to all major customers and manufacturers. We at Shrutex make sure that each plant is complete in every aspect from erecting the plant up till successfull running of the plant. This is done with the help of our team of very speacialized technicians. We also offer machinery for special purposes to suit all individual requirements.


We have recently started manufacturing various kinds of knitted fabric for Polar, Coral and Coral fur.


A more detailed list of our products is mentioned below:

Cotton industry

  • Blowroom Line
  • Recycle line
  • Bale Press

Chenille Yarn Machine

Circular knitting Machine - for Carpet

Circular knitting machine – for Polar/Jacquard/Coral/Mink Blanket

Raschell Knitting machine – for Mink blanket/Mesh fabric

Stenter & Latex Plant

Finishing line -for all types of blankets, i.e. Polar/Coral/Mink and bright fabric (Raising, Brushing, Polishing, Combined Polishing & Shearing machine -"Polycut")

Printing line - Flat Bed Printing Machine, Penetration Machine , Ager, Washing Range, Water Extracting Machine, Dryer, etc.

Woolen Industry

  • Blowroom line, woolen carding machine, woolen ring frame

Non woven plant – we offer all types of new machinery from Italy and China.

Shuttleless looms – we offer different types of used machinery i.e., Donier, Vamatex, Somet, Picanol, etc.

Accessories and spare parts

- All types of needles, sinkers, knives for Circular Knitting Machine & Raschell Knitting Machine

- Raising Fillet & Brushing Fillet

- Card Clothing for Cotton, Woolen and Non-Woven industry